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What is a HIT Home Inspection?
Why choose HIT for your Home Inspection?
Who needs a HIT Home Inspection?
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What is HIT home inspection?

What is a HIT Home Inspection?

A HIT Home Inspection is peace of mind ... knowing that your new home will be inspected by certified professionals who will give you a virtual blueprint of your home's vital systems and structural integrity. Professionals who will answer any and all questions you may ask or not think of asking. They will lead you through the inspection process, educating you about a home inspection and all it entails. This will allow you to make informed decisions concerning your home.

What will a HIT home inspection tell you?

Upon completion of your inspection, you will receive a computer generated, on-site report outlining the inspection and its findings. This report will contain detailed information concerning the homeā??s vital components and operating systems, outlining all the information necessary to make the most accurate and informed decisions regarding buying or selling a home. Your HIT report will include information concerning:

  • Overall Structural Integrity

  • Exterior: walls, grading, siding, eaves, roof, rafters, joists, shingles, chimney, gutters and drainage

  • Interior: kitchens, baths, staircases, fireplaces, ceilings, walls, fascia, soffits, insulation, floors, windows, junction boxes, water penetration and general condition

  • Heating System: venting, thermostat, duct work, water pipes and safety implications

  • Air Conditioning: compressor, evaporator and duct work

  • Plumbing: water heater and venting, water piping, fixtures and safety implications

  • Electrical System: main panel, system distribution, outlets, junction boxes and safety implications.

Special Services - HIT offers special inspection services such as: code compliance evaluations, lead inspection, asbestos, radon gas inspection, termite inspection FHA certificate inspection, pre-construction punch list and many more.

Why choose HIT for your Home Inspection?

Who needs a HIT Home Inspection?

Whether it's a one bedroom condominium or
a 27-unit apartment complex, no job is too big or too small.
Call HIT today for a quote. We offer competitive pricing
and multiple payment options for your convenience.
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